Language Arts II Course Description

Language Arts II Syllabus


Instructor: Ms. Lindsey Smith

Conference: 5th hour
Room: 212
Phone: 636-296-5210 ext. 2328
School Website:
Email: *I prefer email

MAKE SURE YOU USE TYLER SISK12 Portal! “Teach a man to fish…” It is my belief that people should be self-sufficient. Therefore, students will be told to check Tyler, use my website, and download extra copies if they’ve been absent or have lost an assignment. Remember, Fox has a computer lab in the library and the public library is free!

Course Description:  Many different aspects of language and communication will be explored through speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Students will read several selections of literature, ranging from poems and drama to short stories and novels.  Important elements of literature will be emphasized to enrich the understanding of the text.  Students will use graphic organizers and other techniques to aid in the organization of their thoughts.  They will also learn the mechanics of writing and grammar to construct effective sentences, paragraphs, essays, and papers.  Research elements and processes will also be emphasized in the second semester through an intensive research project.

End of Course Exam: All Language Arts II students are required to take the End of Course Exam (EOC). This exam is taken on computers in the spring as a snapshot of the student’s ability and progress in the language arts curriculum.

Required Materials

NOTE – Without the required materials in class every day, it is MUCH harder to learn the necessary content!

If you do not bring required materials, do not expect to do well in this course!

  • Textbooks, readings, handouts, etc.
  • A Folder or a Binder to keep loose-leaf and handouts organized
  • 2 pens and/or pencils
  • RED PEN for grading
  • Loose-leaf paper


Homework/Prep Assignments: Homework is equal to practice.  Just like a musician plays the same songs until they’re memorized, an athlete does reps in the weight room, or any other analogy you choose to apply here, learning takes practice.  Therefore, homework does not carry a lot of weight toward your final semester grades in this class.  Homework assignments, whether done in or out of class, are therefore preparation assignments that prepare you for performance (tests, quizzes, projects).  Homework/Prep Assignments are therefore only given a grade at random times during the semester.  It is your responsibility to do all prep assignments regardless of grading so you get the practice necessary to succeed in this class!  Prep Assignments will be corrected as part of the process of learning, even if they do not receive a grade.  Records of prep assignments will be kept using plus/check/minus, complete/incomplete/missing, and other similar methods regardless of receiving a grade.

 Tests/Quizzes:  Tests and quizzes in the traditional sense of the word are usually used for low depth of knowledge assessment (for example: Can you identify or define something).  These will be used to assess basic knowledge of language arts content.  They will vary from in length and involve multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, matching, and short answer responses. Students may retake any test or quiz on their own time during advisory, lunch, or after school.

 Projects:  Projects involve the application of knowledge learned in the language arts classroom and involve creating new material with that knowledge.  Examples include the personal narrative, ad pamphlets, research papers, and other extended projects.  The majority of the points earned in Language Arts I will be through projects.


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