Language Arts II: October 5 to 9, 2015

Language Arts II

Monday 10/5/15

Read “Meet the Writer” page 359

Read “It Can’t Be Helped”

Complete p 362, #1-6

Tuesday 10/6/15

Discuss questions from Monday

Homework: Read “Nisei Daughter: The Second Generation” p 360 and do #8 page 362

Wednesday 10/7/15

Read “Meet the Writer” page 348

Read “Before You Read” p 344

Read and annotate “Hair” on handout for:

Figurative Language (use “FL”)

Irony (use “FB”)

Complete p 350 Reading Check and # 1-4

Thursday 10/8/15

Discuss “Hair”

Read together “A Piercing Issue” p 349 and discuss #5 page 350

Discuss TONE and DICTION page 352

Homework: Complete the vocabulary exercise (word roots) on page 352 to create word maps for the three remaining vocabulary words.

Friday 10/9/15

Discuss word maps from Thursday.

Discuss the history of the English language in relation to Celtics, Old Norse, Anglo-Saxon, Latin and the cultures that brought those languages to England

Discuss national languages and the relationship they have to identity, nationalism, pride, and control.


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