Language Arts I: October 5 to 9, 2015

Language Arts I

Monday 10/5/15

Bell Work: Read page 406 and do the quickwrite

Read “Meet the Writer” page 415

Read “Haven’t I Made a Difference!” page 407-414

Homework: p 417, Reading Check and questions 1-3

Tuesday 10/6/15

Go over Reading Check, page 417 and discuss questions 1-3

Wednesday 10/7/15

Read page 400 and do quickwrite

Read “Riding is an Exercise of the Mind” for sensory details

Lord of the Rings pictures for sensory practice! Choose at least 3 pictures and imagine that you are there. Describe the scene using all 5 senses.

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Thursday 10/8/15

Personal Narrative: Step 1 – Generating Memories

Create a 2D Timeline of at least 10 events in your life where you faced “conflict”

Choose ONE (1) of these events to write about for your personal narrative.

Friday 10/9/15

Compare and Contrast Expository Essays and Narrative Essays — Venn Diagram

Personal Narrative: Step 2 – Develop your narrative by brainstorming sensory details for all five senses


4 thoughts on “Language Arts I: October 5 to 9, 2015

  1. I see that this is for last week. Will you be posting what is going to be covered this week? Want to make sure assignments are being completed and turned in on time. Thanks!

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