March 9-13, 2015: To Kill a Mockingbird – Life in the Deep South

Male vocal audio reading of To Kill a Mockingbird found here on YouTube.

3/9/15 Monday

Discuss characters
Chapter 2 Close reading worksheet – due Tuesday (tomorrow!)

HW: read chapters 4-5, study guide

3/10/15 Tuesday

Capitalization Notes
Capitalization Exercises – due Friday 3/13/15

HW: read chapter 6, study guide

3/11/15 Wednesday

Discussion over Chapters 1-6

HW: catch up with reading; finish chapter 1-6 study guides; and study for quiz tomorrow!

3/12/15 Thursday

Quiz over Chapters 1-6
Get chapters to prepare 4 questions for Student Lead Discussion Questions

HW: read chapter 7, study guide

3/13/15 Friday

Student Lead Discussion of Chapter 7

HW: read chapters 8-10, study guide


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