March 2-6, 2015: Introduction of To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

New Unit: Classic American Literature

This week, we started a new novel: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Click here for a PDF of the entire novel!

This classic work of American Literature was published in 1960, won the Pulitzer Prize in Literature in 1961, and was made into an award winning film staring Gregory Peck in 1962.

Please use the Calendar in the above menu to keep up with how far you should be reading and when quizzes are.

Click below for assignments and videos:

Your Literary Portfolio is due April 15!

Character Chart

Chapter 1-6 Reading Guide

Chapter 7-11 Reading Guide

Chapter 12-18 Reading Guide

Chapter 19-24 Reading Guide

Chapter 25-31 Reading Guide

Wednesday’s video link: Crash Course to TKAM featuring John Green (first six minutes or so! Plot spoilers!)

Thursday’s video link: Historical Background

Audio on YouTube: Chapter 1 and 2


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