Jan 5-9 2015 weekly agenda

CLASS NOTES FOR THE WEEK of             January 5-9, 2015

UNIT: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

  • Having trouble with the play? GET TUTORED: Monday, Wednesday, Friday during advisory or After School
  • Beware the internet and troll answers!
Date In Class Homework
1-5-15 1.    Video: Biography-Shakespeare

2.    Take notes over the biography video

1-6-15 1.    Finish video

2.    Receive “A Genius from Stratford” reading guide (text of the essay found by clicking here)  —QUIZ FRIDAY OVER THIS ESSAY

1-7-15 1.    Grade and discuss “A Genius from Stratford” essay ·
1-8-15 1.    Dramatic Structure vocabulary notes ·
1-9-15 1.    Take Quiz over “A Genius from Stratford” essay

2.    Grade quiz

3.    finish Dramatic structure notes


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