Audio Help for Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment

Sometimes, it is just easier to listen to a story being read to you. There is something reminiscent of childhood when we used to gather around the teacher on the reading rug and just enjoy a good story.

While only listening to our readings will not expand a students ability to identify new words in the text, support their answers from the text later on, or increase reading comprehension, audio can be used in conjunction to the written word to increase understanding. When a student can also see the word they can easily recognize by ear, they make connections that help them recognize the word later.

As long as a student follows along in their text (they have to annotate, after all), an audio recording can increase their comprehension. A decent, free on YouTube reading of Crime and Punishment can be found in a playlist here. Each recording in the playlist contains one of seven parts of the novel (the Epilogue being the seventh part).


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