Welcome to a Whole New World!


Please note: All grades are still recorded and transmitted to parents and students via TylerSIS.

Each week’s assignments in and out of class will be posted to this home page as a blog post! SCROLL DOWN for the most recent week’s assignments.

Thank you for taking the time to utilize this website! I have created it with you – the parent and student – in mind.

In addition to the language arts skills learned in my class, responsibility, organization, and self-sufficiency are very important skills students build. This site is just one example of the tools provided for students so they can become independent and confident learners.

On this site, you will find weekly agendas of the activities we do in class and any homework assigned, links to interesting or important information related to language arts, and a link to my Google Drive where you can find all the handouts, worksheets, notes, and assignments for your downloading pleasure.

Google Classroom

We will use Google Classroom to deliver assignments, texts, and other information to students. All students are provided with a FoxC6.org account needed to access Classroom. You can access the Google Classroom Calendars HERE. Class codes are provided here.


Major writing assignments will be turned in via TurnItIn.com. More information to come.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have.


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